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Rabbi Meller's List
Rabbi Shimon Meller, biographer of The Brisker Rav (Yitzchok Ze'ev HaLevi Soleveichik), kindly provided us with the original list of pre-WWII Brisk synagogues, batei midrash, and shtiblakh that was published in the earliest version of his biography, in Hebrew (view PDF):

1 The Great Synagogue by Listovski and Dombrovska streets
2 Beit Hamidrash Hekdesh on Byalistotzka Street
3 Beit Hamidrash R’ Meir Padwa [named after gaon Rabbi Meir Padwa, rabbi in the city 1840-1855. Rabbi Haim Soloveitchik said that he was bestowed with God's Spirit.]
4 Beit Hamidrash Talmud Torah on Kshiwa
5 The Rabbi’s Beit Hamidrash on Dombrovska
6 The New Beit Hamidrash on Shpitalna
7 Beit Hamidrash Mishmar [HaYeshiva] on Shpitalna
8 Beit Hamidrash Khayei Adam on Dluga
9 Beit Hamidrash of the funeral society on Dombrovska
10 Beit Hamidrash of oxen-merchants on Sadova
11 Beit Hamidrash of the tailors on Dluga
12 Beit Hamidrash of the butchers on Petrovska
13 Beit Hamidrash of the workmen of nails on Petrovska
14 Beit Hamidrash Zohar of the students of Zohar
15 Beit Hamidrash Avraham Ziskha on Kostsyushka (the gabbai of which was Hershl Gvirtzman – a learned, big-sized man)
16 The Green Beit Hamidrash [Der Greener Shul] on Kshiwa Street
17 Beit Hamidrash named after R’ Feivel on Kshiva
18 Beit Hamidrash named after R’ Ziskind
19 Beit Hamidrash named after R’ Shamai Vint on Kostsyushka
20 Beit Hamidrash named after R’ Lisker on Petrovska
21 Beit Hamidrash named after R’ Mordechai Iteles on Bialistotzka
22 Beit Hamidrash named after R’ Fishl on Listovska
23 Beit Hamidrash named after R' Yoel on Dluga
24 Beit Hamidrash named after R' Israel Volf on Yagalonska
25 Beit Hamidrash named after R' Yitzkhak Khavalish
26 Beit Hamidrash suburb Grayova on Slovosev-Grayav
27 Beit Hamidrash suburb Kiev on Slovoska-Kiev
28 Minyan of the Zionists

Prayer houses of Chassids (Shtiblakh)

29 Minyan of Slonim Chassids
30 Minyan of Radzin Chassids
31 Minyan of Kobryn Chassids
32 Minyan of Gur Chassids
33 Minyan of Kotzk Chassids
34 Minyan of Nisviz' Chassids
35 Minyan of Karlin-Stolin Chassids
36 Minyan of Novominsk Chassids
37 Minyan of Domtshova Chassids
38 Minyan of Alexander Chassids
39 Minyan of Hrobishov Chassids
40 Minyan of Chabad Chassids

Translation to English by H. K.

The above list appears in Rabbi Shimon Meller's book The Rabbi From Brisk, Part A, Biography of Our Teacher the Rabbi HaLevi, in Hebrew, Pages 189-191. (WorldCat citation.)

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Notes: The English version of Rabbi Meller's book (Publisher's Page) contains similar information, but in a different, less compact form.

You can see a donor's list for #31, Minyan of Kobryn Chassids, above, here. The list gives the address of the Minyan as 3rd of May Street.

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