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A Card to Yekutiel
Hannah Kadmon: This card was given to my uncle Yekutiel Kostrometzki-Kast in 1920.

Card, front
Courtesy of Hannah Kadmon

Yekutiel was great-grandson of R' Khayim Mendl, a devout Karliner Hassid. He received this card from his friend Shmuel Lifshitz upon his departure from Kobryn to America. On the front side of the card is a photo is of the well-known public figure, Nakhum Sokolov. Sokolov was a Hebrew journalist, an active Zionist, who was elected as head of the Zionist Administration in the 12th Zionist Congress in 1921.

Below the photo, handwritten: N. Sokolov, a drawing of the Star of David with the word Zion in its midst, and the word Kobrin.

On the right, diagonally: Kobryn and the Jewish calendar date corresponding to 27 July 1920. On the left, diagonally: First Year of Our Redemption.

On the reverse:
Card, reverse
Courtesy of Hannah Kadmon

On the right:
Eternal souvenir To my faithful and dear friend,Yekutiel Kostrometzki, prior to his travel to America. From your friend who will not forget you forever.

Shmuel Lifshitz.
On the left, in the middle, between two lines:
Second year of our redemption
Two drawings: the Star of David containing Zion and the Tables of the Covenant.

Below them, diagonally: Don't forget me, which continues diagonally towards top: although you are far from me.

Parallel diagonally: Kobryn and Jewish day of the month, corresponding to 27th)

Below, diagonally between two lines: Jewish month and year, corresponding to July 1920. Across the left margin:
May my name be engraved on your heart.
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