Between October 1942 and May 1944 more than 4,500 civilians of the city of Kobryn and the surrounding region were shot by the German-Fascist occupiers. Before their escape from Kobryn in 1944., the Germans buried and burned the remains of their victims in an attempt to hide the traces of their crimes

Monument to the Jewish Victims of 1942 - 1944

The Surorov Museum of Military History in Kobryn displays the names of 419 names of Jewish Homeowners of Kobryn who were murdered by the Nazis in the Spring and Autumn of 1942:

victims list

Kobryn Victims List
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During the September 2005 Brest-Belarus Group Trip to Poland and Belarus, visitors took photos of this wall so that the names could later be transcribed and transliterated into Latin characters. This was acomplished by Elise Friedman (Maryland, USA), with proofreading by Jenni Buch (Melbourne, Australia.)

Note: transliteration is an imprecise task; you should consider multiple alternative spellings. Consult the Avotaynu Consolidated Jewish Surname Index for assistance.

The Kobryn Victims List is available in three forms:

View as a web page, s
orted by transliterated Latin family name
View as a web page, sorted by Russian family name
Download Excel spreadsheet, with Latin and Russian sorting on alternate worksheets

The Surorov Museum of Military History

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