The following are the known Yizkor Books for Kobryn:

“Kobryn 1951a”

Ḳobrin zamlbukh

קאברין זאמלבוך : אן איבערבליק איבערן ײדישן קאברין / רעדאגירט און

בוענאס אײרעס : בוך-קאמיטעט בײם קאברינער לאנדסלײט 1פארײן אין ארגענטינע, 1951.

Published 1951, Buenos Aires, in Yiddish, 310 pages.

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Jewishgen: English Translation (Table of Contents and necrology only) by Haim Sidor
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kobryn 1951a
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“Kobryn 1951b”

Book of Kobrin; The Scroll of Life and Destruction

ספר קוברין : מגילת חיים וחורבן / העורכים, בצלאל שוארץ, ישראל-חיים בילצקי.

Published 1951, Tel Aviv, in Hebrew, 347 pages. Editor: Shvarts, Betsal'el and Israel Chaim Beletzki, 407 pages.

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kobryn 1951b
The map in "Kobryn 1951b"
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“Kobryn 1993”

Title: Memorias Agrupadas

Subtitle: Editado por El Comite Especial De La Sociedad De Ex-Residentes De Kobryn en Argentina Buenos Aires 1951

This is an update of “Kobryn 1951a”. The baseline text content is identical. There are disagreements between the Tables of Contents, differences in graphics, and some text sections have been added in the 1993 edition.

Spanish, 318 pages. (pdf; 108MB)
Table of Contents (rough English)
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kobryn 1993
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“Kobryn 1992”

Title: Book of Kobrin; The Scroll of Life and Destruction

Subtitle: [Translation of] Kobrin Memorial Book printed in Tel Aviv in 1951

Published in 1992, San Francisco, in English, 447 pages; Editor: Joel Neuberg. The project is said to have been done very quickly, with minimal funding, casting some doubt on the quality.

This is replaced completely by the English translation of "Kobryn 1951b" on Jewishgen.

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The library of the Suvorov Military Museum has a copy of this publication, donated by an American.

Kobryn 1992 map
The map in "Kobryn 1992"
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