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Ephrayim and Paltiel Polonsky arrived in Kobryn in 1905. They are credited as founders of Hebrew and Zionist education in Kobryn, a Hebrew library– in Ephrayim's house– and the society of Tze'irey Zion.

The Zaritsky family was there before WWI as well. Betzalel Zaritsky was a pupil of Ephrayim Polonsky and married his daughter, Rachel. Several members of the two families made aliya to Eretz Israel. Excerpts from Betzalel's memoir, containing his recollections of Kobryn, are presented here.

Zaritsky -- Polonsky Family Tree
Arnona (nee Polonsky) Axelrod and her brother Prof. Arieh Zaritsky, children of Betzalel Zaritsky contributed the Betzalel's text, photos, further text from from family members, and valuable advice.

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Notes: Tze'irey Zion: The Youth of Zion.

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